Agricultural pests and nuisances are defined under the Alberta Agricultural Pest Act as any animal, bird, insect, plant or disease which negatively impacts agricultural production.

Rocky View County is responsible for protecting the agricultural productivity of the municipality by controlling native and introduced pests. Private landowners are also accountable for controlling pests on their properties.


The Agricultural Pests Act directs that declared Agricultural Pests must be controlled, while Agricultural Nuisances may be controlled. Some problem pests in the county include:

  • Agricultural Pests
    • Norway Rat
    • Blackleg & Clubroot of Canola
    • Fusarium
    • Dutch Elm Disease
    • Warble Fly
  • Agricultural Nuisances
    • Coyotes
    • Skunks
    • Richardson’s ground squirrel
    • Northern pocket gopher

While all agricultural and nuisance pests are targeted by Agricultural Services for control in the county, the main pests of concern are Virulent Black Leg and Clubroot of Canola, Wild Boar, Rats, Grasshoppers, and Fusarium Graminearum.

Norway Rats

Report all suspect rat sightings to Agricultural Services at 403.520.6378 for further action. All sightings will be investigated to verify identification, establish control measures and determine the possible source of conveyance.

Anyone found to be raising or harbouring rats may face a maximum $5,000 fine or 60 days in jail.

Gopher Control

This video shows how to identify and control gophers in Alberta. Includes habitat, identification and control procedures.

How We Can Help

Rocky View County Agricultural Services works with residents to resolve pest control issues by providing:

  • information, inspections, and advice
  • the rental of traps and snares for the control of skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and pigeons
  • bait for producers having problems with coyote predation on livestock

Individuals must ensure the capture and disposal of pests in a safe and humane manner.

Report a Pest

Information or assistance is also available from the Province of Alberta's Fish and Wildlife Division at 780.427.3574.