Officially launched Tuesday, July 6, 2010, the Reeve’s Task Force on Growth Planning was a 17-member committee brought together as representatives of Rocky View’s respective communities who worked collaboratively on a variety of growth-related matters. The members came from each division of Rocky View, possessing diverse backgrounds and different viewpoints, and with a five-month mandate to help the Reeve and Council define the direction of growth in Rocky View County.

The task force held a series of Public Engagement Forums throughout the month of September 2010 in various locations throughout the county in order to gauge public sentiment on key growth issues. This provided an opportunity for county residents to be part of the process.

To conclude their efforts, the Reeve’s Task Force on Growth Planning prepared a final report to Council outlining matters considered, findings, and recommendations.

Council's Response to the Reeve's Task Force

In the fall of 2011, Council began reviewing and responding to the observations and recommendations of the Reeve’s Task Force. Council’s review was extensive, taking the time to assess and discuss each recommendation and observation before drafting a response. Council, similar to the Reeve’s Task Force and public, was unanimous in their point of view on some matters and had divergent views on others. Council has implemented many of the Task Force recommendations and incorporated many of the ideas into the 2011 - 2013 Corporate Strategic Plan.


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