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Thank you to everyone who attended our open houses in January. Copies of the draft Plan and the information materials presented at the meetings are available below.

The deadline for feedback is February 24, 2017 and a form is available below to provide comments. The County is collating all feedback received and will publish the collated responses online at a later date.

We will use the feedback to revise the draft Aggregate Resource Plan appropriately and further information on project timelines will be confirmed on this webpage as we move forward in the process.

Previous Activities

We held a workshop session with industry members on July 22. You can view the minutes from this session, as well as the presentation materials, below:

We’ve gathered feedback and surveys results from our public open houses, and have condensed it into an engagement summary, which you can view below:


One of Rocky View County’s most important resources is aggregate, which is any sand, gravel, clay, or marl that is excavated from a pit, whether in a processed or unprocessed form.

While the aggregate industry is a major source of revenue in taxes to the County, there are potential challenges that the County needs to consider when planning for aggregate development. Some of the main considerations are:

  • Noise
  • Air quality
  • Traffic
  • Hydrology
  • Environment

The Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP) is the County’s proposed way of managing aggregate development within the County to mitigate these issues. It will sit alongside the adopted County Plan and Land Use Bylaw to provide a set of policies which aggregate operators, and those looking to develop near to aggregate resources, will have to comply with.

The principal objectives of the ARP are:

  1. To set high standards against which aggregate development can be assessed.
  2. To provide a map of where aggregate might be located and a strategy to guide the location of new aggregate sites.

For further information on aggregate development within the County and on what the ARP will aim to achieve, please see our guides below. Part 1 also shows the mapping of potential aggregate deposits identified so far.

In both guides, look out for our requests for initial feedback on the project.


The County has been undertaking a review of potential policies and technical requirements that could be included within the ARP and a report summarizing the findings is available by following the link below.

The report also includes an aggregate map with the potential deposits identified so far (Map 1 in the report). Mapping of the aggregate resource in the County is an ongoing project. We will be providing updated versions of the map as the ARP progresses.

An alternative version of the aggregate map with a 0.5 mile radius around the identified potential and confirmed deposits is available here:

This 0.5 mile radius has been plotted to anticipate the presence of any other potential deposits near to those areas identified.

Landowners and aggregate operators are strongly encouraged to come forward to offer further information on potential resources not included on the aggregate maps, so that these resources can be adequately protected by the ARP.

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