Bragg Creek Emergency Access

Project Update: November 2016

Since the first project open house in June, Tetra Tech EBA has been busy assessing landowner feedback received to date as well as moving forward with the detailed evaluation process of the various route options. A considerable amount of feedback was received at the June open house and continues to be received by both the County and Tetra Tech EBA.

An updated Preliminary Options Plan, available at the below link, includes routes shown at the June open house as well as dashed lines showing route options that were suggested by stakeholders during the consultation process. The additional routes shown were assessed by Tetra Tech EBA for further detailed evaluation, and some of the suggested routes from stakeholder consultation were brought forward for detailed evaluation.

There were eleven routes determined by Tetra Tech, EBA to be included in the detailed evaluation. These routes are: Option 1, Option 2, Option 2A, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5, Option 6A, Option 6B, Option 7A, Option 7B, and Option 7C.

Tetra Tech EBA is now in the process of finalizing the detailed evaluation of the above-listed routes. Tetra Tech EBA is assessing these route options based on the evaluation criteria presented at the first open house. As well, the evaluation is also taking infrastructure costs in terms of value for money into account and incorporating stakeholder engagement input received. Based on the detailed evaluation, Tetra Tech EBA will then make prioritized recommendations to Rocky View County for options that are most aligned with the County’s objectives.

The project team is planning a second open house in Bragg Creek which is now expected to be in early 2017. The second open house will share the results of the detailed evaluation and present Tetra Tech EBA’s recommendations for community feedback.

Thank you for your interest and important input provided to date on the project. Please stay tuned for future updates and the details for the open house in 2017.

Previous Activities

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Currently the only access to West Bragg Creek is by crossing the Elbow River at the Balsam Avenue Bridge. During times of catastrophic events such as extreme flooding or a forest fire, the crossing may be cut off, isolating the area of West Bragg Creek with no emergency access route.

Purpose of Study

The County has retained Tetra Tech EBA Inc. to conduct the initial planning for an emergency access route for the West Bragg Creek area. The purpose of this study is to determine the possibility of an emergency access route that will serve first responders and residents to access and evacuate the community during an emergency event, such as flooding or wildfires.


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