Conrich Area Structure Plan

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Rocky View County and the City of Chestermere

Rocky View County defended the Conrich Area Structure Plan at a hearing of the Municipal Government Board, held in Calgary from September 12, 2016 to September 23, 2016. Written closing statements were submitted by both parties to the Board, ending on November 3, 2016. The Board is currently deliberating and there is no timeframe with respect to a decision. The Conrich Area Structure Plan remains in abeyance until a decision is rendered.

On June 17, Chestermere submitted documentation supporting their concerns with the Conrich Plan. The documents are listed below:

Rocky View County responded to Chestermere’s documentation in August 2016, as required.

The City of Chestermere replied on August 26, 2016:

On September 2, 2016, Rocky View County submitted its surrebuttal to the City of Chestermere’s documentation:

The Alberta Municipal Government Board is making time available to hear from landowners impacted by the Conrich Area Structure Plan or the City of Chestermere’s appeal of the plan on September 19, 2016. View time and location details.

Rocky View County and the City of Calgary

The councils of Rocky View County and The City of Calgary have come to an agreement through mediation over Calgary’s concerns with transportation, planning and development, and stormwater management in the Conrich Area Structure Plan.

The signed agreement can be viewed here:

The next step is for both municipalities to request an extension to make a joint submission to the Municipal Government Board, and request that the agreement be accepted as a solution to Calgary’s issues.

Previous Developments

The City of Calgary and the City of Chestermere have filed notices of appeal with the Municipal Government Board against the Conrich Area Structure Plan (ASP), which was passed by Council on December 8, 2015. This means that the Conrich ASP is not in force.

The appeal process requires both cities to outline the specific concerns they have with the ASP, and will now give Rocky View County the opportunity to address those specific concerns.

You can view the appeals below:

Rocky View County has responded with the following statutory declarations:

You can view the Conrich ASP, which was approved by Rocky View County council here:

Rocky View County is proceeding with mediation with the City of Chestermere and The City of Calgary.

The Municipal Government Board has issued a Notice of Decision following the Preliminary Hearing between the County, the City of Chestermere and The City of Calgary that took place on February 29, 2016.

For more information on mediation and inter-municipal dispute resolution, please view the frequently asked questions below:

The County anticipates that the appeal will take a number of months to be resolved, and until the appeal process is over, the Conrich ASP is not in effect. This means that any development applications for the Conrich area will be evaluated using the County Plan, and not the Conrich ASP. Rocky View County recommends that anyone proposing to submit a new application in the next several months contact the Planning Department at 403.230.1401, to get recommendations on how and when to proceed with the application.


Over the past few years, Rocky View County has been preparing an area structure plan for lands within the Conrich area. The goal was to provide a vision of the residential and business community over the next 10 years, and a roadmap for growth that will achieve the vision. The study area encompassed 58 quarter sections for a total of about 3,755 hectares (9,280 acres).

There are many background documents that informed the Conrich area structure plan review process. Links to these documents are below:


The area structure plan is intended to replace the former Calgary-Chestermere Corridor Plan (PDF), which is outdated and only applicable to the northern portion of the study area. The new area structure plan is aligned with the County’s direction for the development of a hamlet and regional business centre.


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County Plans Overview

Check out the County Plans Overview (PDF) for a quick look at the different types of planning documents used in the County and how they interact.