Joint Crossfield Area Structure Plan

Rocky View County/Town of Crossfield Joint Area Structure Plan

Recent Events

Phase 2 of the Joint Planning Project with the Town of Crossfield is currently underway. This phase consists of the completion of the necessary technical studies, including a Master Drainage Plan, Transportation Study, and a Servicing Strategy.

The estimated completion date for the technical studies is January, 2017. Once the technical studies are complete, the results will be incorporated into the draft ASP. It is anticipated that a draft ASP will be completed in February 2017, at which time further public engagement will be undertaken.

Previous Engagements

Phase 1

Landowners in the study area and residents from both the Town of Crossfield and Rocky View County shared their thoughts about opportunities and constraints for the future of this area. Feedback provided at the initial public engagement sessions has aided in developing the preliminary land use concepts for this area. These land use concepts will now be refined through the technical review.


Rocky View County and the Town of Crossfield are creating a joint area structure plan (ASP) for the land between Highway 2A and the QEII. This will provide a comprehensive plan and growth strategy for the next 10 to 15 years with a focus on regional commercial and industrial development. The joint ASP will be adopted as a statutory plan in each jurisdiction intended to support each area’s respective municipal development plan. The study area encompasses approximately 11 quarter sections of land.

There are many background documents that will inform the Rocky View County/Town of Crossfield joint ASP review process. Links to these documents are below:


In 2010 the provincial government approved the annexation of approximately 11 quarter sections of land from Rocky View County to the Town of Crossfield. As a result of the newly established jurisdictional boundaries, both municipalities adopted the Rocky View County/Town of Crossfield Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) in 2013. The IDP determines the planning framework for future development within its boundaries. Operating under the guidelines of the IDP, the joint ASP serves to establish the context for development of a business/industrial park in the joint planning area. The joint ASP seeks to:

  • Provide enhanced levels of intermunicipal cooperation
  • Support high quality, attractive development
  • Achieve equitable and effective public consultation
  • Demonstrate environmental sustainability

Planning Process

  • Phase 1: Engagement and Land Use Concept
    February to April 2016
    • Scheduling engagement sessions
    • Partnering with University of Calgary students
    • Drafting of land use concepts
  • Phase 2: Evaluating Technical Considerations
    April 2016 to January 2017
    • Examining transportation opportunities and constraints
    • Evaluating stormwater capability
    • Review of servicing strategies
  • Phase 3: Drafting the Plan
    January to February 2017
    • Review of technical studies
    • Public engagement
    • Stakeholder notification
  • Phase 4: Plan Completion and Council Adoption
    March to April 2017
    • Council adoption from Crossfield and Rocky View County Councils

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with this project:

  • Contact the Town of Crossfield or Rocky View County contacts listed on this page
  • Attend our interactive events (as they are scheduled) 
  • Follow the project on this webpage which will include relevant information about upcoming events


Town of Crossfield
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Rocky View County
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.277.3066

County Plans Overview

Check out the County Plans Overview (PDF) for a quick look at the different types of planning documents used in the County and how they interact.