Langdon Centre Street Design Guidelines

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The guidelines are in draft form and are being revised and finalized based on public feedback received this past spring. We anticipate bringing the final document to Council for approval in the fall.


Centre Street in Langdon is the primary transportation axis for the hamlet, and the primary focus for local commercial and public activity. The Centre Street corridor is approximately 1.5 miles in length, and is bounded by residential, commercial, institutional, and public open space land uses as well as some vacant lots that are underused or in a state of development transition. Centre Street also functions as a transportation corridor for the movement of heavy freight traffic traveling between Calgary and destinations within the eastern part of the County and adjacent municipalities. 

Centre Street serves a variety of roles, accommodating commercial, residential, cultural, and social activities, but lacks a framework that will guide overall design cohesion for future growth and development.


The objective of the design guidelines is to provide the appropriate built form and public space guidance while respecting the integrity of the surrounding area; a streetscape that will create a sense of place, and is the part of the public realm that is most important to the pedestrian. The design guidelines are to be read in conjunction with the Langdon Area Structure Plan policies.

Some key objectives to include in the design guidelines are:

  • Provide a distinct identity with enhanced streetscape design, landscaping, street furniture, and well-designed sidewalks or pathways for the Centre Street Corridor; 
  • Create a balance between vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian movement to ensure safe movement; 
  • Enhance the public realm and pedestrian movement to ensure enjoyment of public spaces by all users; 
  • Provide business frontages and a parking strategy that ensures safety, interaction, and vitality;
  • Encourage the consistent redevelopment of underused sites where appropriate; and 
  • Provide appropriate transitions from commercial uses to residential areas.

The design guidelines will serve as a planning tool for guiding development, landscaping, and improvements to buildings, semi-public space, public space, and the streetscape in the hamlet of Langdon.

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