Subdivision & Redesignation


Redesignation is the process of changing the designation of land as zoned in the County’s Land Use Bylaw.

The land use designation of a property specifies the:

  • Purpose of the land;
  • Permitted and discretionary uses of the land; and 
  • General regulations including minimum requirements such as parcel size and setbacks, maximum requirements such as building heights and number of buildings, and any other special considerations

Landowners who wish to pursue activities on their land that are not permitted under their current land use designation are required to apply for a land use redesignation.

Redesignation Forms & Documents


Subdivision is the process of dividing land into smaller parcels, for the purpose of obtaining separate titles.

Some of the criteria considered in the assessment of a subdivision application are:

  • adequate water supply and sewer systems 
  • physical road access to each parcel 
  • potential for flooding and erosion 
  • design
  • compatibility with adjacent land uses 
  • dedication of Municipal Reserve

In order to subdivide a parcel, the land use designation must permit the size and density that the subdivision would create. If not, applicants are required to submit a redesignation application prior to, or along with, their subdivision application.

Subdivision Forms & Documents

Private Sewage Treatment Systems

Application Process

The following outlines the general process for both subdivision and redesignation applications. Both processes are very detailed and do differ in their entirety. Scheduling a pre-application meeting with Development Services is strongly encouraged.

  1. Pre-application consultation: Applicants are recommended to discuss their proposal with a planner or schedule a pre-application meeting with Development Services. Meetings can be booked online or by phone at 403.230.1401.
  2. Application submitted: The application is submitted with the necessary forms, fees, and supporting information. 
  3. Circulation: Information regarding the application is sent to various agencies and adjacent landowners if applicable for their comments. The comments are considered during the application’s evaluation.
  4. Evaluation of application: Development Services reviews the application for missing information, assesses the suitability of the site and the likely impact of the proposal on adjacent properties, reviews any existing County policies and statutory documents that apply, and conducts a site visit. Following the detailed evaluation process, a date is set for Council to consider the application.
  5. Council Hearing: The application is presented to Council for consideration. For redesignation applications, Council must hold a Public Hearing prior to passing an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw. Anyone who feels that they are affected by a proposal may address Council, either in opposition to or in favor of the application.
  6. Decision: Council may approve or refuse the application, or in some cases the application any be tabled for further information. The applicant will be advised of Council’s decision and any conditions. For subdivisions, applicants may appeal a decision of Council should they not agree with the decision.


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