Growth Sectors

Rocky View County has a thriving economy. With over one million people, the Calgary Region is positioned for growth. We are well integrated in North America, and the area is becoming increasingly engaged in global markets.

The leading industries in Rocky View County are:

  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Film
  • Engineering and construction
  • Professional and technical services
  • Logistics
  • Tourism

Oil and gas production

Rocky View County has an extensive oil and gas resource base. These resources include the production of light sweet crude oil, natural gas, and coal-bed methane. Natural gas is processed in facilities throughout the county including Shell Jumping Pound Gas Complex, Direct Energy’s Wild Cat Hills Gas Plant, Inter Pipeline’s Cochrane Extraction Plant and TAQA North’s Crossfield Gas Plant.

Local energy companies are also moving into Liquid Natural Gas production of propane, butane and methane liquates for domestic use and export markets.


Rocky View County has a well-developed agriculture base and home to a wide range of enterprises including large acreage field cropping operations growing wheat, barley, canola and rye to small plots of specialty herbs, spices or organic vegetables. The range also extends from the large-scale livestock production of poultry, dairy, hogs or beef cattle to bee-keeping or small acreage hobby farms with horses for recreational use and agri-tourism.

Crop production

  • Crop production is most common in the eastern two-thirds of the county.
  • Average yields range from 50 to 100 bushels per acre for barley, 25 to 45 bushels per acre for wheat, 20 to 40 bushels per acre for canola and 35 to 50 bushels per acre for fall rye. 
  • Continuous cropping is common, but rotations including summer fallow once in four years often occurs.

Livestock production

  • The western third of the county is generally devoted to livestock production where cereals for green-feed and annual forage for pasture is prevalent. 
  • Approximately 900 operations of over 20 head each 
  • Larger operations (200 to 500 cows) along the western foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 
  • A number of feedlots

Agriculture statistics

  • Number of farms in Rocky View: 1,313
  • Area of farms in Rocky View: 1,076,455 acres
  • Wheat production: 145,569 acres
  • Oat production: 25,784 acres
  • Barley production: 191,600 acres
  • Canola production: 46,445 acres
  • Alfalfa production: 85,941 acres
  • Other hay crop production: 52,023 acres
  • Cattle in Rocky View: 160,593
  • Pigs in Rocky View: 51,375
  • Sheep and lambs in Rocky View: 8,144
  • Horses and ponies in Rocky View: 7,467
  • Bison (buffalo) in Rocky View: 1,446
  • Laying hens in Rocky View: 92,117 

For more information on agriculture in Alberta, trade and value-added agri-food investment, visit Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

Film Production

The unique settings in Rocky View promote ideal backdrops and cinematic environments for television and movie productions. Movies such as Gunsmoke, Black Fox and Legends of the Fall and the television series Lonesome Dove and Tom Stone have been staged and filmed in Rocky View.

More recently, Brokeback Mountain and The Assassination of Jesse James were filmed extensively in our picturesque municipality. Global exposure from these films has raised the exposure of film production in Rocky View.

For more information on film production in Rocky View and southern Alberta, please contact the Alberta Film Commission.


David Kalinchuk
Economic Development

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