Assessment Review Board

The Assessment Review Board is a special tribunal, consisting of five members at large, appointed annually by Council. The Board is established under the Municipal Government Act to hear complaints against property assessments.

The following information provides details on working with the Assessment Review Board to file an assessment complaint:

  • Filing a Complaint
    Contact an assessor first, as they can make corrections to an assessment without a complaint being filed. If there is still disagreement after discussion, property owners may file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board.
  • Preparing for a Hearing
    In preparing for a hearing before the Assessment Review Board, a complainant's goal is to show proof that the assessment of their property is not a fair estimate of the price the property would sell for on the market.
  • Disclosure & Submission of Evidence
    Prior to a hearing before the Assessment Review Board, all evidence must be submitted to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board and exchanged, in its entirety, by both the complainant and the assessor.
  • Hearing Process
    Complainants will receive written notice advising of the date, time and location of their scheduled hearing before the Assessment Review Board. Please plan to attend your hearing.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to common questions on the Assessment Review board process.


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