According to Alberta Transportation and Utilities, when used correctly, child safety seats and booster seats can reduce the likelihood of children being injured or killed in an accident by as much as 75 per cent.

Section 82 (1) of the Traffic Safety Act, Vehicle Equipment Regulation, states that:

A person shall not drive or operate a motor vehicle with a child who weighs 18 kilograms or less as a passenger unless:

(a) The motor vehicle is equipped with a child restraint system,

(b) The child restraint system is properly installed, and

(c) The child is properly secured in the child restraint system.

The penalty for the above noted offence is $115 and all violations must be resolved at the time of the traffic stop.

Proper Car Seat Installation

There are a number of resources and information available for the installation and use of child safety seats.

  • Read the instruction manual for the child safety seat and the owner's manual for the vehicle (look under 'child safety restraint' in the index).
  • Order the free 'Kids that Click' DVD from Safe Kids Canada which shows correct installation and use of child safety seats. Call 1.888.723.3847.
  • Refer to reliable information about child safety seats such as and


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