Hawksley the Hawk

Hawksley the Hawk is hard to miss as the mascot for the Rocky View Solid Waste and Recycling team. He can be spotted at local parades, events or transfer sites.

Hawksley’s mission? To fly around helping preserve the awesome view in the County. On the Solid Waste and Recycling symbol, Hawskley is surrounded by the elements of air, water and land, as a reminder of what makes up the pristine County landscape. The triangle represents the connection all the elements have with each other and their own lifecycles. The three sections represent the activities of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Though Hawksley’s wings flap, both feet are firmly planted on the ground to hand out goodies such as reusable bags and raise awareness about implementing the three Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Hawksley does not do the talking at events. Instead he is joined by a trainer who delivers the waste prevention messages to adults and children. The goal is to remind residents of what a beautiful place we live in and to give them the tools to keep Rocky View free from pollution.

Keep an eye open at events, as Hawksley may decide to make an appearance, particularly during Waste Reduction Week.


Solid Waste & Recycling