Road Bans

From time to time, the County's roads may have posted weight restrictions because of construction, maintenance or seasonal conditions such as the spring thaw. These restrictions, or road bans, help preserve the life span of County’s roads.

Seasonal road bans typically occur between early March and mid-May, when roads cannot withstand heavy vehicle loads.


  • Agricultural operators may apply for an annual Agricultural Permit  by calling 403.230.1401.
  • For all other permits, Rocky View County uses Road Data Services as a permitting agent. Please call 1.888.830.7623 for permits.
  • All special approvals, such as heavy hauls or travel on banned roads, require a minimum of three business days for permit approval.

Road Surface Types

View this map (PDF) for a detailed look at the road surface types in the County.


Infrastructure & Operations

Use the road issue report form to notify us about any current issues or problems or County roads.

Road Updates

Visit the road updates page for timely information on construction, maintenance, snowfall, flooding, or other issues currently affecting County roads.