Snow Control

Rocky View maintains all public road right-of-ways within the County, excluding those on provincial highways. Part of the County’s winter road maintenance program includes snow and ice control to ensure the safety or residents and travelers.

Routes are prioritized for service into four categories and snow management is carried out in the following order:

  1. Arterial roads (500+ vehicles per day);
  2. Collector roads (200-499 vehicles per day);
  3. Local roads (less than 200 vehicles per day) including driveways identified as medical emergency access routes, and
  4. Unmaintained road allowances used for agricultural purposes shall receive snow management on a per request basis as equipment and resources are available.

The County does not provide snow clearing service on closed, leased, or semi-private roads or private driveways.

Medical Emergency Access Routes

Residents who require access to emergency medical assistance during the winter can apply to have snow cleared from their private driveway while plows are in their area.

To qualify for this program, residents must submit:

  • a letter from their physician stating the reasons for requiring medical emergency access; and
  • a signed indemnity agreement (PDF).

The physician’s letter must be provided to the County on an annual basis in order to maintain active status. For liability reasons, private driveways cannot be plowed until these forms have been received.

For more information please refer to:

Snow Fencing

County road crews install snow fencing in the fall months to help reduce drifting snow onto county roads.

The County is permitted under the provincial Public Highways Development Act to enter private property to install and maintain snow fencing as required.

Crews will not enter lands where obvious farming underway, for example, active pasture land with grazing livestock or fields with a crop waiting to be harvested. Every effort is made to contact affected landowners in advance of the installation.


Infrastructure & Operations

Use the road issue report form to notify us about any current issues or problems or County roads.

Road Updates

Visit the road updates page for timely information on construction, maintenance, snowfall, flooding, or other issues currently affecting County roads.