County Manager

County Manager (Chief Administrative Officer): Kevin Greig

Kevin Greig

Kevin has over 25 years of municipal government experience, previously serving as General Manager with the City of Victoria, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and Chief Administrative Officer with High Prairie and Breton. He joined the County as County Manager in July of 2013.


Rocky View County operates under the single employee model of governance.  The County Manager is appointed by, and reports to, Council, and is responsible for the administration of Rocky View County. Effectively, the County Manager oversees all County operations and provides leadership in the development and implementation of all policies and programs established by Council. He also offers guidance and advice to Council, enabling Council to make informed decisions.

Office of the County Manager

The General Managers are directly accountable to the County Manager for the delivery of department business plans within budgets approved by Council.

The intergovernmental affairs and the strategic planning staff also report to the County Manager.

  • Richard Barss, Acting Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Manika Suri, Strategic Planning Analyst