General Managers


The County Manager and General Managers form Rocky View County's Senior Leadership Team.  They assist in the development and execution of high-level strategic goals and initiatives. The Senior Leadership Team advises Council, and takes functional leadership over specific County services and departments, oversee department budgets, monitor progress, and anticipate the resources required to reach goals.

Chris O’Hara

Chris O'Hara

Chris began with the County in August of 2004 as Manager of Community Services. He then led project management in Planning and Community Services. He moved on to acting director of Planning and Community Services, and from there, progressed to General Manager. Prior to working with the County, Chris spent many years developing youth services for the City of Burnaby and the City of Port Coquitlam.

Chris oversees the following departments:

Department Manager
Assessment Services Ted Boyda
Building Services Brock Beach
Economic Development David Kalinchuk
Planning & Development Services Sherry Baers
Recreation & Community Services Corwin McCullagh

Byron Riemann

Byron Riemann

Byron has been with the County since 1999, originally in the Transportation Services department. He served as Project Delivery Manager for nine years before becoming General Manager. He has over 23 years experience in engineering, management, and project management roles.

Byron oversees the following departments:

Department Manager
Agricultural & Environmental Services Cole Nelson
Corporate Properties Sheldon Racz
Engineering Services Rick Wiljamaa
Fleet Services Glen Nielsen
Roads Maintenance Howard Bell
Utility Services Stuart Jewison

Kent Robinson

Kent Robinson

Kent Robinson has been with the County since 1989, when he began in the Assessment department. He progressed to Supervisor and then Director of Finance and Systems, and finally to his present position of General Manager. Before starting with the County, Kent worked in Peace River for Municipal Affairs.

Kent oversees the following departments:

Department Manager
Communication Services Grant Kaiser
Enforcement Services Lorraine Wesley-Riley
Financial Services Barry Woods
Fire Services Randy Smith
Human Resources Greta Martin
Information Services James Pinkett
Legislative & Legal Services Angie Keibel