Role of Committee

  • To maintain a forum for all Council members to share perspectives and exchange information
  • To prioritize water use management issues in the basin that may affect the quality and/or quantity of groundwater or surface water or riparian zones
  • To participate in water use management and planning activities
  • To develop and recommend improved water use management procedures and performance measures
  • To encourage the implementation of cooperative water use management strategies
  • To participate in activities that promote and demonstrate increased awareness of water use management issues to its members, the governments of Alberta and Canada, and the public
  • To conduct and direct fundraising for the BRBC
  • To obtain and use assets and funds entrusted to the BRBC for benevolent, cultural, ecological, educational, planning and/or recreational purposes for the improvement and protection of the Bow River Basin (Alberta) watershed
  • To review and decide upon requests for funds and/or resources from the Council and others on the basis of the merits of the requests, availability of funds, and sound financial and project management principles


  • One (1) representative from Council


  • One (1) Council rep for a three (3) year term


  • Approximately four (4) half-day meetings per year and/or specific project meetings – 20-30 hours per year

Current Members

Member Expiry
Councillor Breakey 2017


Legislative Services

911 32 Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 6X6

Join a Board or Committee

To apply for a member at large position on a committee or board, submit the Committee Application Form (PDF) along with a current resume.

Vacant positions will be advertised in the local newspaper, and on this website.

Appointment of members to boards and committees takes place at the annual organizational meeting of Council.