Rocky View conducts a general population census as directed by Council. In addition to collecting the number of residents in household, information such as gender, birthdates, family structure, and type, place, and manner of travel to employment may also be gathered.

All census information is collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Census information is only released at the aggregate level.

Rocky View County Population

Year Census Type Total
2000 Municipal 28,441
2001 Federal 30,688
2006 Federal 33,173
2006 Municipal 34,597
2011 Federal 36,461
2013 Municipal 38,055

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Further Information

Requests for census customized data and/or data processing is available. Charges for customized data are $50 per hour with a ¼ hour minimum charge. Please contact GISSolutions@rockyview.ca or 403.230.1401 to place your request.


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