Presenting to Council

Contributing Your Voice at Public Hearings

Rocky View County Council meetings are open to the public. Residents and interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend and observe the proceedings.

Some Council agenda items are public hearings. If you believe you are affected by a proposed bylaw or other public hearing item, you have the opportunity to be heard.

If you provide your input to a public hearing you are consenting to the public release and distribution of your written or verbal submission as part of the public record. Anonymous submissions are not accepted or considered.

If You Can Attend the Public Hearing

To speak supporting or opposing a proposal, attend the public hearing at the time and date indicated. The time listed is when public hearings begin. If your item is not first on the agenda, it may take some time before it begins, but it is impossible to say how long. Visit the Council Agenda page one week before the meeting to see the order of public hearing items.

At the meeting, you will have five 5 minutes to speak. The five minute limit also applies if you are speaking on behalf of family members who reside with you (spouse, children, siblings, parents, etc.). If you are speaking for other family members, they cannot speak at the hearing.

If you are speaking on behalf of a group of people who do not reside with you (such as neighbours, citizens group, association members, etc.) you have ten minutes to speak, but other members of the group cannot speak at the hearing.

Time limits are enforced to ensure everyone has a fair and equal chance to be heard. Give some thought to the important points you want to make so that you can stay within the allowed time.

If your verbal presentation includes a written component, you must bring 20 copies for distribution.

If You Can’t Attend the Hearing

If you are unable to attend the public hearing you may make a written submission in support or in opposition. Written submissions that are received by the deadline indicated on the Notice of Public Hearing will become part of the public hearing agenda. Written submissions received after the deadline may or may not be accept or considered by Council, at their discretion.

Your name, address, and the bylaw number or hearing subject matter must be included. Send your written submission to Rocky View County Legislative Services by one of these methods:

  • Mail: Legislative Services, Rocky View County, 911 - 32 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 6X6; or
  • Fax: 403.520.1659 (addressed to Legislative Services); or
  • Email: (put the bylaw number or hearing subject matter in the subject line).

There is no limit to the length of written submissions, but remember that your submission may have a greater impact if it is concise.


If you are planning a petition, be sure to contact Rocky View County Legislative Services for direction before seeking signatures. There are strict rules for petitions under Alberta’s Municipal Government Act, and your petition cannot be accepted if does not follow these requirements.

Choose the Best Way to Provide Input

Providing the same input in multiple ways (such as speaking, writing, and signing a petition) does not increase your impact on the public hearing. The points you make are considered by Council, but extra consideration is not given to any one point simply because it is repeated in different formats.  You should choose the method of providing input that is best for you, and gives you the best opportunity to state your case.


If you have questions on the public hearing process contact Rocky View County Legislative Services at 403.230.1401.


Legislative Services

Policy & Priorities Meetings

The members of the Policy and Priorities Committee are County Councillors, but the meetings are not Council meetings, and Council decisions are not made.

In addition, different rules and presenting guidelines apply. Learn more about presenting to the Policy & Priorities Committee.