Candidate Registration

All potential municipal candidates are required to register with the municipality before they accept any campaign contributions prior to nomination day.

Potential candidates will be able to register at any time by submitting a registration form:

The County will be maintaining a public registry of individuals that intend to run in a municipal election.

Candidate Registry - 2017 Municipal Election

  • Syd Hartley
  • Daniel Henn
  • Mark Kamachi
  • Kim McKylor

FAQ: Registration of Notice of Intent to Become a Candidate

Q: How far in advance does a candidate need to register?

Potential municipal candidates will be required to register with the municipality before they accept any campaign contributions.

Candidates who use personal finances exclusively up to a maximum amount of $10,000 are not required to register with the County.

Q: Does a person need to meet the candidate eligibility requirements at the time of registration even though nomination has not occurred?

Yes, the person must meet eligibility requirements under sections 21, 22, 23 47 of the Local Authorities Election Act at the time of registration.

Q: Do all persons who register as a candidate, even if one does not file nomination papers, need to fill out a campaign disclosure statement (Form 21)?

Anyone who registers as a candidate and receives or accepts any campaign contribution from any person, corporation, trade union or employee organization must fill out a campaign disclosure statement.

A candidate that self-funds an election campaign exclusively with personal funds up to and including $10,000 is not required to submit a campaign disclosure statement.

Q: Can a person register and fundraise for their intention to run as a candidate for a future election that is not the next general election in October 2017?

Technically, yes, but there is no advantage to doing so. All campaign funds collected presently will be subject to rules that pertain to the October 16, 2017 general election which states by April 2018:

  1. if there is a campaign surplus, the money is to be donated to a registered charity or to the municipality where the candidate was elected in a previous general election, or
  2. if there is a campaign deficit, eliminate the deficit.

Q: What happens to the campaign funds and donations collected if a candidate does not file nomination papers?

If a candidate does not file nomination papers for the next general election on September 18, 2017, the candidate must, by April 2018:

  • Donate any surplus money to a registered charity as defined under subsection 248(1) of the Canada Income Tax Act OR
  • Donate the surplus money to the municipality where the candidate was declared elected in a previous general election OR
  • Eliminate any deficit

Q: If information changes on the registration form, does the candidate need to notify the County?

Yes. Any changes to any of the information within the registry must be reported to the County within 48 hours of the changes taking effect in writing by:

Q: Is the information on the registration form publically available?

Yes. Completed registration forms may be viewed in person by setting up an appointment with the Elections Office at 403-520-8199 or emailing

A public registry of individuals that intend to run in a municipal election can also be found online (see above).

Q: Is a Commissioner for Oaths available at the County?

Yes, the County has a Commissioner for Oaths. Candidates can swear or affirm their registration form with this Commissioner. Please request a Commissioner for Oaths through the County Legislative Services Department.

FAQ: Campaign Contributions and Campaign Expenses

Q: What campaign contributions and campaign expenses records should the candidate be retaining?

It is the duty of the candidate to keep records (e.g. receipts, bank statements) of campaign contributions and campaign expenses for a period of two years following the date a campaign disclosure statement (Form 21) is filed.

Q: What is considered a campaign contribution?

A campaign contribution means any money, personal property, real property or service that is provided to or for the benefit of a candidate or the candidate’s election campaign. It does not include services provided by a volunteer who voluntarily performs the services and receives no compensation, directly or indirectly, in relation to the services or time spent providing the services.

Q: Is there a limit on campaign contributions?

Campaign contributions by any person, corporation, trade union or employee organization to a candidate should not exceed $5,000 in any year. Money paid by a candidate out of the candidate’s own funds to the candidate’s election campaign should not exceed $10,000 in any campaign period.

Anonymous contributions are paid to the County.

Q: Are donations for municipal campaigns eligible for a tax receipt?


Q: Are there any persons or organizations a candidate cannot receive campaign contributions from?

Candidates may not accept campaign contributions from prohibited organizations which includes:

  • a municipality
  • a corporation that is controlled by a municipality and meets the test set out in section 1(2) of the Municipal Government Act
  • a non-profit organization that has received from the County grants, property, personal property since October 2013 
  • a Provincial corporation as defined in the Financial Administration Act, and includes a management body within the meaning of the Alberta Housing Act
  • a Metis settlement
  • a school board under the School Act
  • a public post-secondary institution under the Post-secondary Learning Act
  • any corporation that does not carry on business in Alberta

Q: What is considered an allowable election expense?

  • The actual personal expenses of the candidate
  • The cost of acquiring premises, accommodation, goods or services used for proper election campaign purposes
  • Payments for the fair cost of printing and advertising
  • Reasonable and ordinary payment to any person for the hire of transportation used by a candidate or speakers in travelling to and from public meetings or by any person in connection with and for the proper purposes of an election


Disclaimer: Content regarding the Municipal Election is provided as information only and is intended to serve as a supplement to the Municipal Government Act, the Local Authorities Election Act, and Rocky View County Bylaws. Where references are made to legislation, the specific legislation should be reviewed for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.


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