The Rocky View County Council Policy Library provides an online resource listing all policies that guide the actions of the County in the handling of local affairs. All Council policies have been adopted by resolutions of Council which can also be found in Council minutes.

The policies are divided into six sections:

What is policy?

Policy is a guideline for employees to follow in making decisions best for Rocky View County. It provides a framework for the delegation of decision making, eliminates misunderstandings, reduces uncertainties and enables goals and objectives to be met. Some latitude is allowed in decision making, dependent upon circumstances, otherwise it would be considered a rule or procedure. However, in making decisions, the intent of the policy must be followed.

What is the purpose of policy?

The policies in the Municipal Policy Handbook are intended to:

  • promote common understanding of Council's policy objectives 
  • provide direction to allow Administration to meet council's policy objectives 
  • facilitate better and more timely decisions 
  • ensure uniformity in the interpretation and implementation of policy 
  • allow personnel to know what is expected of them 
  • ensure that similar situations are handled consistently 
  • promote delegation of decision making to the level that must face the problem or situation when it arises 
  • encourage coordination and integration of actions and plans within and across functional areas and departments 
  • address problems or situations that are repetitive or recurring


These Council approved policies, have been consolidated into this library for easy access and are intended for reference purpose only.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding the Council Policy Library to:

Legislative Services